Team Coaching

Presentation Skills Coaching for Teams

Spoken with Authority’s presentation skills coaching for teams is ideal if your group routinely pitches products or services, briefs organization leadership, presents to the board of directors, or has ongoing speaking opportunities (e.g. workshops, webinars, industry conferences, board of trade, etc.).

What participants are saying…

  • It was engaging. I like learning then doing, and I was able to do that.
  • Christine’s workshop was clear and to the point.
  • It was excellent! I’m usually a cynic who rolls his eyes at professional development, but I found this very useful.
  • This is what I came for and I got it.
  • Christine provided honest feedback in a supportive environment.
  • Christine practices what she preaches.
  • I liked that there were actual tools presented that are easy to take with me. Christine is clear, organized with time, and uses no junk words!

The structured, energizing and results-based engagement typically lasts several months, and equips your team to:

  • Create presentation goals and follow a presentation timeline
  • Assign team members speaking roles
  • Oversee the process of creating cohesive and professional visual aids
  • Enhance the presentation skills and impact through team rehearsals
  • Prepare compelling answers to anticipated audience questions
  • Reduce nervousness and handle logistics

Ultimately, Spoken with Authority will help your team plan, practice, and execute presentations that draw on the strengths of each member, and allow them to shine!

Coaching a small group
Coaching a small group

Personalized and Customized

A Spoken with Authority presentation skills coach oversees each session and will work closely with you to customize the learning plan, so that it aligns with your specific human capital training and development objectives.

Individual Team Member Support

During the engagement, each team member will receive individual support to enhance strengths, fortify weaknesses, and help turn their presentation and speaking-related anxiety into poise, confidence and authority.

Organizational Development

In addition to mastering scheduled and anticipated speaking opportunities, your team members will develop the skills they need to succeed in many other situations – including spontaneous, unplanned opportunities — and take on high-profile leadership roles within your organization.

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