1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 Presentation Skills Coaching

Spoken with Authority’s 1-on-1 presentation skills coaching methodology is a customized and results-driven engagement that dramatically elevates your presentation skills — not just to the next level, but beyond your highest expectations!

What clients are saying…

  • Since working together, I gave two speeches at a conference in Austin, TX. I have done multiple webinars about the subject, but as you know, speaking into a phone is different than an audience of 60-70. After some initial nerves, I’m glad to report things went great! All in all, it was a great experience, and I just wanted to thank you again for teaching me so much about the art of public speaking!
  • I used your Sandwich Structure, which really helped me gather my thoughts. I also wrote in read “calm down, pause and lower voice” based on your recommendations from our sessions. It ended up being the best speech I have ever given. People came up and congratulated me and said how well I spoke – a first! Thanks so much for helping me make that a memorable and meaningful event that I can look back on with pride.
  • Today, after two months of coaching, I had a meeting where I ended up doing about 85% of the talking. It just hit me (almost an hour later) that I wasn’t even a little nervous! I went through the entire agenda and gave updates, explained how I thought things should flow…I even made a joke! I used the techniques that we worked on without even realizing it because it felt so natural.
  • Her customized approach, structure and relaxation techniques gave me the confidence to speak with authority in groups, personal conversations and in my professional environment. I would highly recommend Spoken with Authority without reservation to any individual interested in progressing in public or professional speaking.
  • Many people noticed and appreciated what they described as my “TED talk” style of speaking. And no fewer than six people — including several whose advice I trust, and aren’t given to faint praise — encouraged me to run for office.

    My presentation was 100,000% times better than it would have been without you. I had SO much fun doing this. And because of your coaching, I know exactly what I need to do to improve for next time.

    Carly S., Director of external affairs at a think tank

Through structured and scheduled phone, video conference and in-person sessions, you’ll:

  • Discover high-impact strategies and tools that transform anxiety into authority
  • Target, develop and master key presentation skills based on your career path and professional aspirations
  • Convey confidence in presentations, meetings, and important conversations
  • Craft a compelling message based on an analysis of audience and situation
  • Learn how to engage listeners through storytelling, visual aids, and active-learning techniques
  • Lead productive meetings and insightful panel discussions
  • Build rapport with prospective clients during pitches
  • Answer questions with clarity and conciseness
  • Streamline the process for planning and practicing presentations

Whether you have regular speaking opportunities or want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your organization or industry, with 1-on-1 presentation skills coaching you’ll exceed your personal best every time you present!

One-on-one coaching
One-on-one coaching

Session Formats

As noted above, sessions take place over the phone and/or video conference. Sessions may also be scheduled in-person at your office or a convenient location when practicing a presentation, or performing a dress rehearsal.

Mutual Commitment

The coaching engagement is a long-term commitment that typically lasts several months. While it’s fun and invigorating, it’s also challenging: because part of the work involves exiting your “comfort zone” and establishing a new, confident platform where you’ll consistently, confidently and competently present with authority. You’ll be amazed at what you can do – and you’ll directly see the improvements and results!


Engagements begin with a thorough assessment based on your self-assessment and your Spoken with Authority coach’s 360-degree evaluation of your presentation skills. This information is then used to craft your customized and mutually-agreeable plan that:

  • Sets key development goals, including a capstone presentation project
  • Identifies specific outcomes and success measures
  • Establishes a timeline to break goals into manageable steps
  • Schedules regular meetings to keep on track

Working with the SWA team

You’ll speak with Christine to get started, where she’ll help select the engagement that will get you to your speaking goals. Once on board, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated Spoken with Authority coach. Throughout your engagement, you’ll be in direct contact with your Spoken with Authority coach, and will also be supported by Christine and the SWA administrative team as needed.

Ongoing Support

During your coaching, your Spoken with Authority coach will be available to discuss issues or speaking opportunities that arise between scheduled meetings.


Your engagement will culminate with a capstone project as a means of measuring your progress. After that presentation, your Spoken with Authority coach will work with you to review successes, goals achieved, opportunities for future growth, and recommendations for continued progress as a standout speaker.

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