Services Offered


Looking for a dynamic, interactive workshop for your staff, emerging leaders at your organization, members of your organization, or attendees at your event? Increase participation, improve learning outcomes, and earn rave reviews.

Team Coaching

Is your group presentation a true reflection of your team’s ability and professionalism? Spoken with Authority can help your team plan, practice, and execute a presentation that draws on the strengths of each member and truly is better than the sum of its parts.

1-on-1 Coaching

Are your presentations skills as good as they could be? Are they boosting your career or slowing your progress? Want more confidence? Don’t limit your professional advancement and leadership potential.

Want to work together?

Many professionals assume that polished public speaking skills are only necessary for CEOs and politicians – people who routinely give keynote addresses and televised speeches. Don’t make this mistake – lackluster presentation skills can hold back your career.

In fact, the ability to speak with authority in a wide range of workplace situations will propel your career forward. Spoken with Authority programs have helped thousands of professionals gain confidence while leading meetings, pitching new clients, interviewing for jobs, moderating panels, briefing colleagues, presenting at conferences, touting accomplishments in performance reviews, introducing themselves at networking events, offering toasts, and even delivering ceremonial speeches.

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